Friday, March 25, 2005


You say you want a revolution?

I think I've said before that while I agree with David Horowitz's criticisms of the academy, I'm quite apprehensive about the methods by which Horowitz thinks these problems can be solved. Recent legislation in Florida and Tennessee, which opens the door to students suing their professors for "oppressing" them with leftist ideology (or right wing ideology, too, though nobody worries much about that) frightens the hell out of me, and is going to have the sole effect of making me even more reluctant to deal with matters of any substance in my classroom, for fear of opening myself to a lawsuit.

When the left started taking over colleges and universities in the late 1960s, the promise was that we'd end up with universities that were more open-minded and willing to deal with ideas that some found offensive and dangerous. We know where that went. Why this push, instigated by many on the far right and by a group of neo-cons who are fighting a battle decades old (and preventing us from moving forward), should produce a different set of results, escapes me.

So, to mix pop icons, I reproduce here the wisdom of Mr. Peter Townsend, whose words seem particularly apt:

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