Sunday, October 10, 2004


A little less drivel in the world.

Apparently, Jacques Derrida has passed away. Doubtless there will be mourning in the hallowed halls of academia, where Derrida is adored for giving literary critics permission to say whatever the hell they want about a "text" without having to worry about whether or not (1) it makes any sense and (2) it is in any way supported by the text being studied. Wonderful stuff, deconstruction.

So, we've gotten rid of Foucault, Said, and Derrida. I wish I could have a human response to their passing, but I just can't seem to muster one. I have a hard time mourning the passing of people as destructive as this bunch, and besides, they've worked so hard to rob us of our essential humanity, it would actually be a slight to their memory to have a human response.

Unfortunately, their acolytes are still alive and kicking, and we'll probably see some over-the-top obituaries explaining to the unwashed masses how terribly, terribly important Derrida was.

Perhaps the blogosphere can devote some of its collective energy to desconstructing these. After all, it's what Derrida would have wanted, isn't it?

Saturday, October 09, 2004


Presidential Debate II

I find it amusing to watch the Democrats trying to spin a defeat into a victory after almost two years of trying to spin American victories into defeats.

I was forced to endure an hour of CNN at the gym this afternoon, and found the amount of spin simply amazing. The Repulicans were willing to concede a draw, but the Democrats did everything they could to insist upon complete victory for Kerry.

In other news, I've been asked to start blogging more frequently, and to talk about my experiences teaching at this new university. I will make an effort to do so. It's hard to blog about my current job, though, without providing specifics that might prove damning.

And I still need to address being a lower middle class student pursuing a Ph.D. in English literature. I've written up a draft, but had to set it aside for a few weeks.

But--the dissertation is completed and only the defense remains. This may result in more blogging activity. God knows I have plenty to say; I just don't want to make it too easy to figure out who I am.

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