Friday, March 11, 2005


Yet Another Academic Obscenity

This is obscene. How much you all wanna bet this reprehensible POS already has a tenure-track job lined up somewhere?

The blogger I've linked to provides a link to contact both Bowling Green, this student's degree-granting institution, and Boise State, his former alma mater, which has invited him to come speak on his thesis topic, "In Defense of Terrorism: When is it Permissible to Target Children?"

Mr. Gatliff, you should be immediately deported, preferably to a nice, deserted island, which you can share with your Islamofascist buddies.

Yep. This one read the writing on the wall, which is clear enough, and did what he had to do. It would be a lot easier for any of us to do what he did, instead of insisting on substantive, ethical, intellectual work.

I think that questions of "academic freedom" have to be based on the intellectual quality of what anyone is doing, rather than insisting, a la Horowitz, on some unworkable "equal time" scheme for the classroom. I don't think any of the "academic freedom" bills popping up in state legislatures around the country will improve matters, because they would mean making the government enforce intellectual standards.

I understand, and agree, that the people who are supposed to have been enforcing intellectual standards (i.e. university faculties) can't or won't do it. But I'm afraid the conservative backlash will finish the job of destroying the humanities that the postmodern and Marxist idiots began.
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