Friday, March 11, 2005


Boomers, Version 1.5

Well, I'm still working on Boomers Versus Gen X, Part 2, so that'll have to wait until later this evening or possibly tomorrow. I've been reading an interesting article on Woody Allen's Zelig, and the argument it makes regarding the portrayal of intellectuals in that film has added a facet to my Boomer thesis, while at the same time provides ammunition for Juvenal's arguments regarding ideology in the academy. Essentially, I want to examine the effect that the "me-centered" culture of the Boomers (don't forget the "Me" Decade) had on criticism and interpretation--whether this contributed to the critic-centered scholarship that currently dominates the academy in a sort of Satanic marriage between Boomerism and leftist ideology.

Simply put, the next post on the Boomers will be a long and complex one, and it's taking me a while to write.

Also, we've begun the process of house hunting, and that's been taking a great deal of my free time. We've simply had it with apartment living, and if we finagle the finances, we can probably buy a place for only slightly more a month than we pay in rent. And, what with the massive amount of HGTV and TLC being watched in our home, the home owner bug has really set in.

I guess this will make us members of the "owner class," and securely ensconce us in the ranks of the evil capitalists. 'Bout f***ing time, too.

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