Monday, November 01, 2004


Is this illegal?

Drudge links to a story from Newsday, which I know is not the most unbiased of sources (though it's written by an AP reporter, so don't the two biases cancel out?), but if this is true, shouldn't someone be taken to task to this?

The Dems are pulling out a boatload of dirty tricks, and the MSM has been campaigning for Kerry all day, from what I've seen on CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC. And God knows they won't report on this, though Schwarzkopf himself is said to be aware of the scam and to have contact the DNC about it.

Who the hell is going to be held responsible for all this? Heads need to roll, and people need to be in jail--some of them for pulling shit on behalf of the Republicans, but most of them for pulling shit on behalf of the Democrats.

Whoever wins, something needs to be done to clean up the electoral process in this country. Tomorrow's going to be an ugly day, and I don't expect it to get any better after that.

Let's note that its entirely unclear which party is engaging in foul play in the Schwarzkopf incident...
This has been the Democrats' tactic for this entire election. Pull something, get caught, say that it was actually the Republicans trying to make them look bad.
You said it: if you come to this incident with an a priori belief that the Democratic party is dishonest and the Republican party less so, then its reasonable to conclude the Democrats are at fault.

On the other hand, if you come to this incident without trusting one party more than the other, all you see are competing accusations without a clear indiction of who is right.
Uh, Alex, why would Republicans call people to tell them that Schwarzkopf was endorsing Kerry?

Certainly there has been a great deal of underhandedness in this campaign from all parties involved, but from what I've seen (and no, I'm not just reading conservative accounts), the weight of blame is definitely tilting leftward.

At any rate, Winston's post is specifically on this incident, and he pretty clearly is not claiming that only Democrats (or all Democrats) are engaging in this kind of crap.
"Uh, Alex, why would Republicans call people to tell them that Schwarzkopf was endorsing Kerry?"

Did you read the DNC press release I linked to, in my very first comment, describing their account of the events?

The DNC does not claim that Republicans called people to tell them Scwartzkopf has endorsed Kerry. The DNC claims that Republicans spliced a recorded call by General Tony McPeak, who really did endorse Kerry, with Schwartkopf's voice, producing a fake recording that they then peddled to reporters as proof of mischief on the part of the Democrats.

I am not claiming that the DNC is right and that the RNC is wrong; rather, as I said in the previous comments, its entirely unclear which party is in the right and which is in the wrong in this specific incident.
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