Monday, March 15, 2004

You may or may not have noticed that a few weeks ago I quietly slipped a new link into the sidebar, for a website called, a site which checks on the "facts" contained in political ads and holds them up to the real facts.

It's being run out of the Anneberg CPB Foundation, which made me skeptical, because anything connection with PBS has been tainted in my opinion, but they appear to be pretty even-handed in what they choose to tackle, and even--dare I say it, lest I resurrection the lie of the conservative media--a little harder on the Kerry campaign and those asshats over at than they are on Bush. I see this as being a result of the fact that the Bush ads aren't playing as fast and loose with the truth as the Kerry ads are, and aren't just blatantly lying and manipulating like the weasels at who need to pull their collective heads out of their collective leftists asses.

Did I mention I hate

Anyway, they seem to update every couple of days (more often than yours truly), and they're worth a look.

I'd take a moment to blog on that country full of Neville Chamberlains we call Spain, but in a few years, when the new series of state mandated history textbooks in Europe see this weekend as the beginning of the glorious revolution (praise Allah), won't there be egg on my face.

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