Saturday, February 07, 2004


Still looking for sensible criticism . . .

I've been receiving a couple of emails on this topic a week, usually with one or two titles apiece. Often times, one respondant winds up repeating the same titles recommended by another respondant. I think I have something like ten titles now, in addition to the ones I posted last month.

I know there's more stuff out there.

What I'm going to do is open the call for suggestions to criticism that is author or era specific. I'll start a new section of the bibliography that lists criticism by author or by era--meaning the traditional eras a student would have encountered in survey courses a few decades ago.

If you can provide it, complete bibliographic information (as well as telling me where to categorize it, if the title doesn't make it clear) would speed up the process.

For my own current work, I'm looking in particular for sensible criticism on narrative and narratology.

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