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"Sensible" Literary Criticism: A Bibliography in Progress

Well, the emails came in for about a week, and then trickled down to nothing. Obviously, given how short the list below is, I need more suggestions.

I've included most of what people suggested in their emails; I made an attempt to find either an in-print edition or the information of the last known printing. For most of the shorter pieces of pre-twentieth century criticism I've relied on the Hazard Adams anthology. If you can suggest better places to find these pieces, please let me know.

A few people who just suggested authors will not find their suggestions included below. Please send me references to particular works. If the critic in question is an essayist, give me an idea of where the essays might be found. If I have to look it all up myself, it will take me a lot longer to get the information into the bibliography.

I've also not yet included works of criticism regarding a single author. I'd like to categorize those under the author they are about, but I'll hold off on this until there are several books to include under each author. Shakespeare will likely appear first.

If you have any suggestions regarding categories, let me know. I realize I have made some "controversial" decisions here, like putting all of the cognitive psychologists under twenty-first century criticism, because they mark a departure with post-1960s Theory influence criticism. This is a rather arbitrary decision, particularly as these works date mainly from the 1990s. I've also decided to give those who are mainly writing against Theory their own section. Frankly, I'm not sure who's technically a New Critic and who isn't anymore. It's been awhile since the last theory class.

So, here's a working draft. I'm still taking suggestions, and will be taking suggestions for some time to come.

Also, if you think it would be helpful to make the titles of the works in print into Amazon links, I can incorporate this into the next "edition."


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The New Criticism

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Cognitive and Evolutionary Psychology

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Patai, Daphne and Noretta Koertge. Professing Feminism: Education and Indoctrination in Women's Studies. Rowman & Littlefield, 2003. (In Print)

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