Wednesday, January 14, 2004


Guilty . . . not exactly pleasures . . .

I'm watching The Simple Life. I've watched The Simple Life for the last three weeks. Why am I watching The Simple Life?

Let me make it perfectly clear: I do not find either Paris Hilton or Nicole Ritchie even slightly attractive. Eye candy is not the reason. My wife is just as horrified and mesmerized as I am. We are disturbed--deeply--yet we keep watching.

Our horror is not a puritanical reaction. We've grown quite immune to Paris Hilton's ass-crack (which is all crack and no ass). It's in part a rather lefty reaction, actually. But that's only a part of it.

Is this the train wreck phenomenon?

They are currently arguing about what to do with the fur of a small animal they just killed in their big, blue, oh-so-redneck pickup. And I'm vaguely sad it won't be on again next week.

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