Thursday, December 18, 2003


No Liberal Media?

A reader sent me this link. This is quite unbelievable. The quotes appear to be real and undoctored; for some there is even video footage (you'll need a fast connection to view).

Check it out:

Media Research, Notable Quotables 2003

Some of these examples are just blatantly biased, but the ones that scare me are the ones that subtly inject bias into what purports to be straightforward reporting.

We did a unit on this in my composition class the quarter, after students started citing talking heads as sources of "credible" information. And yes, before any lefties complain, by talking heads I mean some of the rabidly conservative bozos on Fox as well. Partisanship is partisanship, and news is news. It seems all the twain do anymore is meet, unfortunately. This explains why your average college freshman can't tell the difference between a news piece and an editorial.

And why is it that Al Gore thinks the news media is a conservative fifth column?

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