Tuesday, December 09, 2003


A correction.

Mr. Berube is correct in stating on his website that he did not call anyone stupid at Joanne Jacob's website. That was not a lie on my part, as Mr. Berube accuses, but a mistake. The "Michael" posting over at Joanne Jacobs was doing such a good job of posting for Mr. Berube that some seemed to be responding to him as if he were Berube. When Berube personally emailed me this morning, responding to the same conversation that was taking place in the comments section, I put 2 and 2 together. Unfortunately, this time they did not add up to 4. I also proceeded on the assumption that since Berube is generally in the habit of calling into question the intelligence of anyone who disagrees with him (see his portrayal of Eric Rasmussen's comments as "ignorant" on his blog entry on me), that the comments on Jacob's website could reasonably be concluded to be his. But, you know what happens when you assume. Joanne Jacobs has since informed me that the "Michael" posting over there is definitely not Berube, or at least not posting from his email address.

For that mistake, I apologize.

I have corrected the post below, to merely reference his repugnant attitude both in the email correspondence I have seen posted on various sites and his arrogant demeanor in his email to me. I would have left the mistake as is--unlike the fictional Winston, I do not work for the Ministry of Truth--but I do not wish anyone reading the post for the first time to share in my mistake and wrongly condemn Berube for a remark that was not his own.

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