Monday, May 09, 2005


I'm Probably Insane, But...

I'm thinking of working up a course in feminist theory. (Julia here, by the way--you didn't think Winston would be thinking such a thing, did you?) I know I'm probably opening myself up for a great deal of grief and irritation, but I think it's important for students to realize what is actually useful and insightful in feminism, and how to sort the wheat from the chaff. I keep getting cranky with my young feminist students, generally a thoughtful and intelligent bunch overall, who tend to spout a bunch of women's studies truisms without examining the assumptions that underlie them. However, I can't be too cranky if there's nothing out there providing other views, so now I feel obliged to fill the gap. If I don't do it, sure as hell no one else will.

I'm still trying to articulate exactly what such a course would look like and what its objectives would be, as well as what texts I'd use. Thoughts?

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