Wednesday, July 21, 2004


My Brain is Tired

In response to some gentle prodding from Photon Courier, I'll take a break from packing, calorie-counting (amazing how much time a diet takes up when you do it right), and frantic dissertating (three weeks left to complete a working draft--eep!)and post a bit of something, just so everyone knows Winston and I aren't dead.

If I ever have kids (an event that becomes more doubtful as the years pass and financial security for me and my husband is still elusive), I want them to go to the Trinity School. Their curriculum is essentially based on the trivium and the quadrivium, the medieval concept of the liberal arts: music, history, mathematics, science, literature, art, and language. Hell, I wish I had gone to this school.

You might want to read a new book by Paul Campos called The Obesity Myth. Calorie counting may not be such a good idea.
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