Monday, February 09, 2004 gets some press at The Chronicle of Higher Ed.

At Photoncourier, David Foster comments on a December Chronicle article on the watchdog site This site provides a forum for students who experience bias in the classroom, as Mr. Foster describes below:

Though some commentors in the Chronicle article express concern that students might be exaggerating or taking advantage of the anonymity offered by the site to distribute unfair comments, it's important to note that the site takes pains to minimize this sort of thing. As they explain on their FAQ page,

More students need to know about this site. The only thing that will effect change is pressure from students and parents.

Foster brings up another, tangential issue in this post, one that concerns me particularly as a teacher of argumentative writing:

Foster's analysis strikes me as spot-on. This type of non-logical, feelings-based argument is practiced in the majority of the composition classes at my institution; I'm one of a mere handful (out of 75 or so) who teaches logic at all. I could say plenty more about this (and probably will, at a later date), but since I need to finish preparing for said class at 8:00AM tomorrow . . .

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